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When you're shopping for a luxurious air tub or whirlpool, don't forget the other important bathroom fixtures you'll need to finish the job. Choosing the perfect bathtub and shower set, faucet, or bathtub filler spout for your specific tub can take time and possibly some assistance. At Home and Stone, we pride ourselves in providing unique, top quality bathroom fixtures, along with friendly customer service.

Whirlpool Baths

The advantages of whirlpool baths are many. They offer warm, circulating water that helps relieve aches and pains from overexertion and stress. Any number of muscle-skeletal aliments and injuries can be treated with whirlpool therapy, from arthritis to sports injuries. A properly designed whirlpool system will improve circulation and will have jets powerful enough to have massaging effect for a "garden variety" of sore muscles from which we all suffer from time to time.

Whirlpool bath tub systems are designed to self drain so that mold and fungi will not collect in the piping system. To help assure a healthy environment, tub buyers should be advised to periodically clean their whirlpool baths with a jet tub cleaner. Additionally, many whirlpool baths can become damaged if used with bath oils, bubble bath or aromatherapy. Check with the manufacturer for guidelines.

Most whirlpool baths cannot be run without water because it will burn out the pump motor. Many newer baths come with a "dry run" motor that allows the pump to run without water, eliminating the possibility of damaging the pump. Be aware of the type of pump each manufacturer offers.

Inline heaters are one of the most popular options for whirlpool baths. They have broad-based appeal because whirlpool baths lose heat faster than soaker tubs. This is due to the fact that a whirlpool tub, while in operation, is constantly pulling room temperature air into the water. In-line heaters maintain the water temperature (they do not heat the water) and are recommended for all larger baths. In most cases, this is an add-on item.

One of the newest options available in baths is chromatherapy. This also is referred to as color therapy or light therapy. It's the use of colors and light to create specific frequencies around the body, through the eyes and the retina, to help balance a person's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

Air Tubs

Since 1964, when the first whirlpool tub was designed, there has been a continuing effort to improve their therapeutic value. The latest option to this commitment is the air system tub. While the jetted whirlpool tub targets specific areas of the body, the air tub is designed to give an even massage that calms and soothes the body.

Air baths use a different technology than whirlpool baths. They have an air system that provides a steady stream of bubbles from holes positioned along the bottom of the tub (and sometimes the back and sides) that produce thousands of air bubbles for an overall hydro-therapy massage. Note that these systems use air circulation while whirlpool systems use water circulation. Each hole forces heated air into the tub. The number of holes offered will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The unique air channel construction has an automatic drying function that eliminates excess moisture from the injectors after the electronics have been shut off. Because this eliminates molds, fungi and other organisms from collecting in the piping system, it is one of the most sanitary systems available today.

Another feature of this tub is that it's safe for children to use. Because the system only blows air, there is no suction, only warm air being swirled in a bubbly and effervescent action. This eliminates the possibility of long hair getting caught in a suction fitting and pulling the child under the level of the water. In addition, the parent can fill the air tub with only a couple of inches of water without damaging the system.

Air tubs can also be used with sea salts, bubble bath and scented oils for aromatherapy. This is a natural, non-invasive treatment system designed to aid in soothing and relaxing the body and mind by using a variety of oils. The research and development continues, and now there are baths available with both an air system and a whirlpool system. This combination, called a combo unit, offers the user the best of both.