ThermaSol Authorized DealerView All ThermaSol products ThermaSol manufacturer of steam units is recognized as the worldwide leader in the steam bath industry; providing the finest, most luxurious and innovative products for homes, hotels, resorts, spas, and health clubs. ThermaSol, the choice of professionals worldwide since 1958

ThermaSol Steam Units stand alone for their quiet efficiency.

1. No solenoid valves to replace the water thereby eliminating any potential for water hammer.
2. There is nothing in a ThermaSol generator to take away from the relaxing, rejuvenating experience; whisper quiet.

The ThermaSol Difference

Standard features included in all our generators:

Lifetime Warranty
No questions, no worries; just a lifetime of enjoyment !Enjoy Your Steam Shower

FastStart? Technology
Steam in seconds, not 4 to 8 minutes!

All Metal Controls with Advanced PVD Lifetime Finishes
No plastic controls!

Whisper Quiet (patented design)
No potential water hammer or noisy water solenoid valves.

Constant Steam at a Constant Rate
No irritating steam lags and bursts; a ThermaSol generator can
be installed up to 50 feet away without upsizing.

Superior Style
Only manufacturer that offers matching controls, remotes and steamheads
in traditional and contemporary styles.

Water Conservation ? The Green Side of Steam
ThermaSol Steamshowers use a fraction of the water required to power a regular shower. With environmental concerns on the rise, these units take only two gallons of water to power a 20-minute steam bath as opposed to regular showers which consume 40-gallons of water.

CAN-Bus Communication
The ultimate in reliability and longevity.

Simply Sized
ThermaSol generators are easy to size LxWxH=Cubic Feet. No complicated formulas.